Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Monday, July 26, 2010

Visit with Grandpa

Madeline's in a phase where she doesn't warm so quickly to people she doesn't see every day. She's even a little cold to some of those folks she does see every day. We recently went back to Ohio to visit with the family, and to give Madeline a chance to visit with her Grandpa, who is not in the greatest of health. She must have known she was creating some special moments because on the last day we were there, they walked around the yard together without a peep from her. He's got a gift.

She was a s happy as could be, and I think Grandpa was pretty happy too.

Chicago! Part 4

The Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) has recently built some glass boxes off the edge of their observation deck so you can walk out over the street. Freaky.

Madeline was oblivious to the fear that most of the adults felt.

Dad kinda liked it.

Mom kinda didn't like it.

Chicago! Part 3

Where's the BEEF? We took an Italian Beef challenge to see which of Chicago's stalwarts made the best. These two places went head-to-head on the Travel Channel's Food Wars with Mr. Beef taking the crown.

Al's #1 Beef

Rarely do Madeline, Jennifer and Daniel all agree on one thing, but on this day we all liked Mr. Beef.

Chicago! Part 2

We had fun at 'The Bean', whose more formal moniker is 'Cloud Gate'. It's in Millennium Park, and is a huge attraction just to see the myriad reflections.

Hi Madeline!

I Like Cheese

Mmmm, cheeeeese

Don't touch it!

It's all mine.

Chicago! Part 1

Mother, Godmother and baby

She's getting tall.

It was hot day, and she was parched.

Running through Millennium Park

Nap Time.

Tired Baby

I realize that I've been grossly negligent on this blog, so I'm about to make up for it with quantity. Ridiculously cute quantity.