Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ice! at the Gaylord Texan

We went to the Gaylord Texan to show Madeline the ice sculptures. After all of the Peanuts scenes we walked through, she liked the ice slide best.

Big parka!


Ready to go.

Running with a spoon

I just liked these photos of Madeline running around the house with one of her new toy spoons.

Grandma's Christmas

Grandma came to Dallas to share some presents with Madeline. Madeline was thrilled with having another Christmas on the 26th.

Pretty dress!

Airplane, Airplane!

She also got a baby doll that she now won't go anywhere without.

Monday, December 27, 2010

More Presents!

Madeline got whole pile of legos, and unwrapping them was the most fun.

Then she unwrapped the bouncing/rocking Rody Pony.

Nice pony.

I want to ride the pony!

Baby wants to ride the pony!

Madeline and baby want to ride the pony!


Madeline hung out in her wagon for much of the day.

Then she pushed her shopping cart all around the house while carrying her new little baby doll.

Christmas Morning

She's not usually happy about waking up, but she knew there were presents were under the tree.

The Stockings were Hung...

...and the toys were assembled just after midnight.

The Pattis Bring Gifts

We got to spend Christmas with Jessica and Joe Patti. They brought over some gifts for Madeline, but the real gift was staying to help put them together.

Christmas Eve Helper

Madeline was a big helper in the kitchen for all the Christmas baking.

Cute Christmas Outfits

Hey you!

Mousey, mousey.

Decorating the Tree

A couple weeks ago we put up the tree. Madeline was there to help and wore her mom's OU Santa hat.

She just knew that the tree wanted some juice.

...and the fire.

Then it was time to hand her Rudolph ornament.

ABC's and Barnyard Noises

Now I know my ABC's...

Animal Noises 1

Animal Noises 2