Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day at School

Alright, daycare anyway. Madeline was excited to take James to daycare with her, and she promised to watch out for him. She's a great big sister.


We stopped at the Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado on the way home. Madeline was excited to play in Colorado's largest sandbox, then literally forty seconds into it she had sand in her eyes and was crying horribly. We left.


We got a new backpack to carry Madeline on some trails. She had a blast.


Cadillac Ranch

Just west of Amarillo, I think I took some of the best photos of my family to date.

Ride Little Pony, Go To Town

Take Little Madeline, Don't Slow Down.

Up a Hill

Have You Ever Seen a More Beautiful Playground?


Mount Crested Butte and James


James and Mount Crested Butte

Uncle Jeff and Madeline

The weather in Crested Butte, Colorado is a bit more pleasant than what we've currently got in Dallas.

The Many Emotions of Madeline

These were all within about four seconds.