Monday, September 20, 2010

Fun with Fruit

Madeline raided the fruit bowl the other day, so we let her try as much as she wanted.

Bananas were a hit.

Oranges can be sour.

Limes were ok, but she prefers lemons.

Maybe oranges are worth another try.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wedding in Wimberley

Jen, Madeline and I headed down to Wimberley for a friend's wedding. Here are some random shots from the weekend.


We never realized what fun a cooler full of ice could be, but Madeline saw the light.


Madeline got a puzzle for her birthday. She wasn't into puzzles then, but this has now become her favorite toy. As you can see in this progression of photos, it's sometimes a frustrating toy.


Blue ones.


I stayed home with Madeline the other day, and while I was cooking our lunch I heard some noises coming from the living room. This is what I saw.

She helped me pick them up one by one, then proceeded to tell me that they were "Madeline's".