Tuesday, April 26, 2011

McClard's Milkshake

On our way to Memphis, Jen demanded that we stop for BBQ at McClard's in Hot Springs. As soon as we were seated, Madeline demanded chocolate, so Jen got a malt. Madeline then determined who would drink, and how much.


This is what happens when Madeline, a red pen, and a chocolate bar are left alone in the back seat.


Madeline likes to draw, and her mom bought her a drawing tablet for our latest road trip. It made for a much quieter drive.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Brunch

None of us were particularly impressed with the ridiculously priced brunch at the Peabody, but the dessert table was pretty fantastic. Madeline was happy to get her own chocolate mousse.

Ducks at the Peabody

After brunch at the Peabody in downtown Memphis, we made our way down to the fountain to check out the ducks. Maddie was a fan.


Madeline was looking darling in her dress this morning. We got to steal a few pics after Easter service, and Madeline is always a ham for the camera.


We spent Easter weekend in Memphis. One of our sight seeing trips was to Mud Island where we got to ride the monorail. Maddie didn't quite get my references to Tom Cruise in The Firm, but she liked the ride.


Jen usually gets Madeline to eat her breakfast in a proper setting, like at the table, but Maddie and I prefer to eat at the kitchen counter.


Fun Outside

The family was outside checking out the new paint job on the house. I was trying to take a few photos of the newly painted house, when Maddie kept getting in the way. Then she quickly became the subject of the photos.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

School Pictures

Madeline had her school photos taken this morning.

She even knows that she's adorable.


Madeline and her dada took a BBQ'ing trip to Fort Worth on Saturday. She ate like a champ.

Just a few minutes into the return trip, and she was out. So peaceful with a BBQ stain on her shirt.

Picture Taking

Madeline cant' get enough of herself. If she sees my camera, she wants to get a picture of herself so she can see it. I remember when that was novel too.


Jen bought some lemonade for a trip to the park, and Madeline quickly confiscated it.


Madeline is more opinionated each day, and when asked what she wants to eat, her most common answer is tacos.